Celebrate National Car Care Month at Shaver Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM FIAT

April 18th, 2019 by

April showers bring May flowers – at least that’s what they say. But did you also know that April brings National Car Care Month? Shaver Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM FIAT is here today to remind you of the importance of routine maintenance when it comes to car care.

It’s so easy to forget to get our oil changed. Even when we have a sticker telling us when to come back, we always seem to get it done later rather than sooner. But depending on how long you wait to get this taken care of, you might end up doing more damage to your engine than you might think. Oil heats up faster the longer it sits in your engine – it also gets thicker and harder to move around. Impurities from the combustion of the engine also build up too if the oil isn’t changed consistently. All of these factors end up taxing the engine much more than just keeping up with the oil changes would, which can impact your car’s longevity.

But car care isn’t just keeping track of certain fluids. There are parts of your vehicle that need to be replaced, like batteries, brake pads, and air filters. Not changing those can seriously impact your car’s performance, and in the case of brakes, might make things dangerous for others you share the road with. That’s where you need some experienced technicians working your new or used Jeep vehicle and using the right equipment. At our Thousand Oaks, CA RAM service center, we always use genuine original equipment to make sure you’re getting only the best.

So come in today to make sure your vehicle will keep running smoothly for as long as possible. We always offer wonderful deals on sales and service, so you’re going to get the best service while keeping your wallet happy. See you soon!

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