Best Accessories For Your Summer Road Trip

July 19th, 2018 by

Though we love living in the Los Angeles, CA region, the summer is a great time to get away. With the stifling heat in the area and the plethora of day trip opportunities in Southern California, it only makes sense to plan a solo adventure, a couples getaway, or a family vacation in the coming weeks. But before you head out, we recommend outfitting your vehicle with new parts to make your trip more enjoyable. Here are some recommended parts for your summer getaway.

Roof Rails: Just in case your don’t already own a 2019 Jeep® Cherokee outfitted with roof rails, adding them to your existing vehicle can really help with storage. The list of things that you can store on the roof rails is endless, but some things that we’d recommend are suitcases, bicycles, and skis.

All-Season Floor Mats: If you’re planning on taking the family camping or on another outdoor adventure, it’s likely that you or the kids are going to track mud and dirt onto the floor of your new vehicle. If you don’t want to spend time vacuuming up the mess, consider adding all-season floor mats from our Jeep parts center. Floor mats will pick up all the dirt and debris that gets onto the floor, making it easier to clean after your trip.

Trailer Hitch: Maybe you’re planning on embarking on a longer adventure in your 2019 RAM 1500. Because this pickup truck has such as impressive towing capacity, why not adding a trailer hitch so that you can tow an RV?

For more ideas for add-on parts for your summer road trip, talk to an expert at our Dodge parts department.

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