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January 16th, 2019 by

Here at Shaver Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM, we love all the fantastic new technology that’s coming to new 2019 models for sale like that included with the 2019 Jeep Cherokee. However, while self-driving technology is gaining in popularity, we’re slightly conflicted. That’s because so many of our favorite models like the Jeep Cherokee and 2019 RAM 1500 are meant to be driven.

While we all love a bit of help navigating the roads, so many of our models are built so that we can better enjoy the act of driving. That’s why we wanted to highlight some of our favorite safety and self-driving features in a favorite model like the 2019 Jeep Cherokee.

We find that the Jeep brand of vehicles is perfect for illustrating where we are when it comes to keeping you and your loved ones safe while embracing the future of self-driving. Many Jeep models like the Jeep Cherokee feature a precise balance of driver safety aids while still keeping you in control.

We love what the Jeep Cherokee offers with its slew of features like blind spot monitoring, Lanesense®, full-speed forward collision warning, and rear cross path detection. So, what are those features? We’re here to break them down.

Blind spot monitoring is a simple idea with a huge impact. The system monitors the distance between you and other drivers. Dual radar sensors detect other vehicles near you and alert you when one is entering your blind spot. Lanesense® is a lane departure warning feature that alerts you when your car starts to drift out of your current lane and will automatically steer your vehicle back into your lane.

Full-speed forward collision warning with automatic braking uses radar to alert you to another vehicle you’re approaching too quickly and applies the brakes for you. Meanwhile, rear cross path detection alerts you to objects and cars behind you when in reverse.

The best way to see how helpful these features are is to experience them for yourself. Visit our local Jeep dealership today to shop new vehicles and learn about all the fantastic features they can offer you.

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