Get Ready for an LA Area Road Trip This Summer!

May 13th, 2019 by

At Shaver Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM, we’re a company that knows about how to make sure our customers are happy. And as the weather starts to turn itself up, we’re seeing more and more car owners looking for an excuse to get into their cool cars and drive away. So what we want to do today is give out a few pointers as to where you can go to make your summer adventures memorable this season.

Thankfully being in the Los Angeles area means that we’ve got more amazing places to shake a stick at than normal, so why don’t we just start with a great place to road trip to?

The Grand Canyon is one of natures most profound works of art, and it’s a solid full day’s drive from the LA area. While the canyon itself can be ogled at in minutes, truly traversing the gorge and down into the depths of the canyon by donkey-back is one of the most intrepid options you can think of. Once you park your vehicle, the adventure is afoot!

Then again, your search could also take you somewhere less distant, and a bit more local, but ten thousand times wetter. The San Diego Zoo is a wildlife paradise loaded with animals, fish, and a huge array of things for visitors to be awed and amazed by. It’s the #1 zoo in the world, and it keeps adding to ensure its greatness. If you’ve got kids and riding a ramshackle donkey down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon isn’t the way for your kids to have maximum fun, the San Diego Zoo will wow and amaze those of all ages.

Contact our Chrysler dealers to find out more near or far destinations for road trips this summer!

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